The story behind IEG Pharm

About IEG

Inter-Evrogeneks is a modern pharmaceutical dietetic company from Novo Selo, near Strumica, that produces herbal drugs and dietetic products in the Republic of Macedonia. We produce around 20 products that are marked with “Health from Nature”, and are present on the Macedonian and foreign market.

The products are exclusively of herbal origin, collected from the mountains Belasica and Ograzden, near the factory itself. These mountains are considered a clean ecological environment.

Inter-Evrogeneks is equipped with the latest technologies and equipment that are according to the European and International standards. Our team consists of highly trained and well-educated professionals.


    Our mission is to integrate modern scientific knowledge, in the field of herbal medicine and traditional use of herbs, in the treatment of diseases, in order to produce products that effectively, and without side effects, will help in treating diseases of modern man.


    Our vision is to formulate and produce herbal products that are according to the most rigorous European and International requirements in terms of quality, efficacy and safety of herbal products.

  • Basic Principles

    Social responsibility, quality of work through educated professional staff, teamwork, and following of the modern trends in the industry.


    The values that we appreciate and promote are responsibility, honesty, professionalism, collegiality, and a sense of belonging to the collective and the wider community.

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