We are proud of our success stories


Patient with success treated cancer of esophagus
(esophagus squamous-cell carcinoma)

Stefan (4 years)

Stefan had neuroblastoma, stage IV. He was treated with surgery and with chemotherapy. Prognosis for this disease is bad. Stefan is completely healed, thanks to Varumin®.

Documents from Stefan’s treatment (Serbian language)

Natasha, mother

Patient with HPV and CIN III, was taking Varumin® during pregnancy. Healthy girl has been born, and CIN is lowered.

Mother’s declaration (Macedonian language)

Success in Netherlands

Prostate cancer, metastases in the bones

Declaration (Macedonian language)

Blazenka, Novi Sad

CA-125 is lower after Varumin® treatment

Declaration and results from the patient (Serbian language)


Prostate cancer
Documents from Dimitar’s treatment (Macedonian language)

D-r Elizabeta

Elizabeta is medicine doctor. She had diagnosis CIN I, with HPV type 58. She was taking Varumin® during 2 months and the next analysis has proven absence of HPV.

Patient’s declaration (Macedonian language)

Pavlinka from Varna

Cancer on pancreas, metastatic

Declaration (Bulgarian language)

Andrea, student

Carcinoma corticis glandulae suprarenalis, Hyperplasia medular glandulae suprarenalis.

Whole medication procedure (Serbian language)

Ventzislav, Sandanski

Cured from Ca pulmonum

Declaration and results of the patient (Bulgarian language)